Furthering philanthropy one volunteer at at time

The What

This program provides individuals who care passionately about improving the world around them a chance to give their time, expertise and creativity in order to help deserving nonprofits in their own backyard. GoodSpark has always worked to help individuals give more intelligently and effectively, but we have primarily focused on dollars and cents. With this program we turn our focus to human capital, and we will be creating engaging opportunities for people to give their time rather than money in an effort to help impact local nonprofits.
Our intent is not to duplicate the efforts of great organizations like Social Venture Partners whose mature models focus on building the long-term success of nonprofits in the Denver area, nor is our intent to help build or improve a nonprofit’s programs.
Our goal is to help our selected nonprofits while providing the individuals in our volunteer network an opportunity to become better philanthropists. We look for specific areas and projects that could benefit from supplementary skills that fall outside an organization’s core competency or in-house resources.

First Steps

This is a new program for GoodSpark, and we will be adopting a modest, phased approach. The initial phase will begin in Q2 of 2010 and will involve building out a small team of experts. Parallel to that effort, we will be selecting a manageable group of local nonprofits and identifying their needs. In this first phase, the criteria for organization selection will be based on focus areas identified by our target demographic and pieces of the GoodSpark evaluation methodology.
The objective of this first phase is to prove the model and lay the groundwork for expansion.


The eventual goal for this program is to form a network of young professionals who can be leveraged to assist local nonprofits in a variety of areas. Individuals who might not have the financial resources to contribute to causes they care about will have the opportunity to donate their time and expertise. Ultimately we want to build a stronger community of volunteers moving to higher and higher levels of personal and collective impact.


We are currently looking for passionate and driven individuals with expertise in any of the following areas:

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design/Development
  • SEO
  • IT Infrastructure (networking, hardware, email, storage, HA/DR, )
  • PC/Mac Support
  • Database Management

If you work/live in the Denver metro area and are interested in helping, please apply


We are currently looking for local nonprofits that are interested in partnering with GoodSpark for phase one of our We Connect program. Please keep in mind that phase one focuses specifically on providing IT related services and solving IT related problems for nonprofits. Organizations without needs in these specific areas will not be considered for phase one.

The application can be found here.