At GoodSpark:

  • We Connect- Where talent and desire meet need. This program is focused on providing effective ways for young professionals to promote positive social change by working with nonprofits in their community.
  • We Mobilize- Sparking grassroots movements with specific tangible goals. A collaborative program that promotes action leading to impact.
  • We Educate- Serving up information and resources designed to turn young professionals into better philanthropists.
  • We Celebrate- Our SocialRemix events give young, socially conscious people in and around Denver a chance to combine socializing with substance.

Portrait of our target audience:

Young Professionals who

  • Are aware but feel disconnected and unengaged.
  • Have strong values but just dipping their toes in philanthropy.
  • Demand choice in all parts of their lives but need help sifting through the options.
  • Insist on accountability and transparency.
  • Want instant gratification and convenience; want to see immediate impacts.
  • Aware but feel disconnected and unengaged.
  • Are immersed in technology - and see that as the solution to many of the world's problems.
  • Don't want to be spoken to - want to interact.
  • Want concrete evidence that they are making an impact.

Portrait of the charities we work with:

Small to medium-sized nonprofits demonstrating entrepreneurial spark that

  • Makes a positive difference in multiple ways and are ready to prove it through measurement, transparency and accountability.
  • Empowers their beneficiaries instead of treating them as victims.
  • Understands the importance of strong governance, well-planned strategies and tested tactics.
  • Are passionate but grounded.
  • Are efficient and sustainable business models with diverse funding bases.
  • Are eager to partner with other organizations to amplify their collective impact.

In a Nutshell:

  • Meets the unique needs of young professionals, giving them a positive introduction to how to make an impact through philanthropy.
  • Connects worthy causes with like-minded donors/volunteers.
  • Serves as collaborative catalysts for change.
  • Engages younger, one-time givers and turns them into lifelong donors.
  • Provides an objective endorsement of "best in class" charities that make a big difference (even if they're not so big).
  • Helps make selected charities sustainable and successful.
  • Gives donors a tangible sense of their impact